Kali Sundari Belly Dance Tim Youmans

Kali Sundari


Photo by Tim Youmans


A professional bellydancer from Ventura County, Kali Sundari began bellydancing in 1997 and devotes herself full-time to performing, studying, and sharing the art of bellydance.


"I am deeply grateful to all my teachers, mentors, and inspirations and musicians over the years - Jan Straka, Ana Berna, Berrin Tuttle, NEMA, Rakisat dancers, Alexandra King, Nanna Candelaria, FatChanceBellyDance, Jorjana, Dolphina, Jillina, Fahtiem, Adam Basma, Suzy Evans, Celeste Hines, Annalisa Engelbach, John Bilezikjian and family, Brothers of the Baladi, Aziza of Montreal, Paulina, Anaheed, Mesmera, Karim Nagi, Scott Marcus and the UCSB Middle East Ensemble, John Lacques, Stefana and band, Angie Evans and band, my own students, and many others. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!"


Kali is a joyful and spirited dancer. Her warmth, self-expression, strong technique, years of performing experience, and continual study of bellydance make Kali a consummate professional. Her ability to connect with her audience makes her performances exciting, uplifting, and memorable.


As a bellydance instructor, Kali loves to share her love of bellydance and encourages students to enjoy bellydancing for self-appreciation and expression. "I love my students - I've grown as a dancer and as a person when I opened myself to teaching. My students' enthusiasm and appetite to learn inspire and motivate me everyday.


"I love to perform and to dance not only for my audience, but also with my audience. My clients have given me so much over the years - their enthusiasm, appreciation, and recommendation to others - I am proud to offer my best in terms of presentation, professionalism, and true joy, art, and authenticity."