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Frequently Asked Questions & Rates (private parties and private lessons)

Kali Sundari Belly Dance

Q: How do you pronounce your name?

A: 'kah-LEE SOON-da-ree' - it's almost like "Colleen" but without the 'n' at the end and more of an 'a' sound instead of 'o' :)


Q: How long have you been bellydancing?

A: I started almost 17 years ago.


Q: Is it OK to tip you, like in your costume?

A: Every bellydancer is different. I do allow money to be respectfully tucked into the sides of my belt and shoulder or back strap. Please do not try to tip a bellydancer in the bra cups or direct front or back of the belt. If in doubt, a money shower (over the bellydancer's head during performance and collected for her after the show) or handed to her after her show are always winners! Tips are appropriate and much appreciated.


Q: Have you ever been tipped a $100 bill?

A: I have, handed to me after private gigs, but a few times tucked into my costume at The Greek at the Harbor.


Q: Is it "belly dance" or "bellydance"?

A: Google or spellcheck recognizes "belly dance" as two words (and the one word "bellydance" as a misspelling). I prefer the one word spelling for too many reasons to list here (you can ask me in person), but the quick answer to your question is, either. :)

Kali Sundari Belly Dance The Playboy Mansion Midsummers Night Party
Private Party Rates

Full bellydance show (25-50 min.) $250 - $500

The full bellydance show is a glorious treat for the senses. It includes an exciting entrance and solo dancing by Kali with props (finger cymbals, veil, sword, cane, or wings) and audience participation when Kali gets people, especially the guest of honor, dancing with her.


Length of show and rate depend on the event (occasion, venue, number of guests, etc.), Kali's total time at event (if the showtime is broken up into multiple sets and requires waiting time in between and/or additional costume changes), and what would best suit your party. Every party/event is unique! Please contact Kali to discuss your vision, ideas, and what you're looking for. Additional travel fee may apply.


Mini bellydance show (aka "bellygram") (8-10 min.) $200

Additional travel fee may apply.


Bellydance demo (mini show) and instruction package (bridal showers, bachelorette parties, girls' night, etc.) (60 min. or more) starting at $300


Bellydance Q&A (educational presentation) and demo - please inquire.


Bellydance shows for senior care centers, assisted living facilities, fundraisers, charities, etc. - please inquire.

Kali Sundari Belly Dance
Teaching FAQs

Q: Do you accept male students?

A: Yes.


Q: Do I have to show my belly?

A: No, not at all. It may be called "belly dance" (it's a long story - ask me when you see me), but it's not a requirement to show the belly in order to bellydance. Exposing the belly does allow you to see all the work you're doing (because you can really see the movements that clothing, even fitted clothing, hides) and can be quite liberating. I'd like you to be comfortable in class - so you can reveal your belly when you're ready if you choose to. :)


Q: How many calories does your class burn?

A: A lot? I honestly have no idea - it would depend on the intensity of the particular class and your muscle mass, I'm guessing. I'm having fun and not too concerned about counting anything, except maybe the steps and the music. (I have a similar experience with food.) I do believe you'll get a good workout in my class (I can make it more challenging for you, if you like), but my first objective is to teach the art, which does require a level of fitness that increases as you advance while being relatively low-impact. I don't necessarily advertise my class as a workout or fitness class, but the potential to get a great workout is there.


Q: I want to show my belly, but I'm feeling shy... I don't have a flat stomach.

A: I don't have a flat stomach either, lol. It's natural to feel shy and there's no pressure to show your belly (I do ask you to wear fitted clothing so I can assess your bellydancing posture and form), but if you want to show your belly, go for it! I encourage my students to strive for health and confidence and self-appreciation. In all my years of bellydancing, I have never had an instructor, master teacher, or mentor say that you had to have a specific physical attribute in order to show it off. I've learned to choose to appreciate what I do have and it's a process: it may not happen overnight.


Dance is for every body and all shapes, sizes, and ages - especially bellydance. There may be things about us or our bodies that we're not totally in love with or we're still working on, but in the meantime, I'm going to bring our focus on proper technique, etc. and enjoying our bodies in the process. It's nice to have some jiggle when you shimmy - it matches the music! Bellydancing is so fun, challenging, and empowering - we'll be learning and having so much fun first. A stronger, firmer, more flexible, healthy body is the wonderful byproduct of dancing with joy.


FatChanceBellyDance taught me that there is no ideal body type in bellydance - only ideal posture. We have these amazing bodies that know how to take care of us and allow us the freedom to move and dance. Let's appreciate our bodies and treat them like teammates - a partnership to nurture and nourish and encourage, not berate, hide, or be ashamed of. Instead of looking at one's body and telling it it's not perfect or it's too this or not enough that, it would be kinder and more productive to tell one's body, "Let's be a team. Let's work together. You're there for me and I'll be there for you."


Unconditional self-acceptance and self-love may be the gateway to transformation. Imagine loving and appreciating your body and being at peace with your body just as it is - at all times, at any given moment... Joy and freedom at your bellydancing fingertips... Why wait? :)

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Private Lesson Rates

Within Ventura County:


$75 for a private (1 person) for one hr; $50 for 1/2 hr

$40/person for 2 people ($80 total) - one hour

$25/person for 3 people ($75 total) - one hour

$20/person for 4 people ($80 total)

$15/person for 5 or more people

Discount packages:

$195 for 3 privates ($65/hr; must be used within 2 months), or

$300 for 6 privates ($50/hr; must be used within 4 months), or 

$450 for 10 privates ($45/hr; must be used within 6 months)


Additional studio rental fee may apply. For rates outside of Ventura County, please inquire.